Sunday Gatherings

We meet together each Sunday afternoon.
A typical gathering starts at 3.45pm to allow time for people to find their way around, to greet one another, to get a coffee and have a chat before other things begin.

At 4.00pm our gathering begins.

Our children stay with us for the first 20-30minutes before going out to their own groups (click here for more information on the children's groups).
Our gathering typically includes:image

  • Singing - we use music and songs to praise and worship God, to declare what we believe about Him and to express how we feel towards him. We use modern songs, and these are led by a band of musicians and singers
  • Prayer - by talking to God we express our praise, our thanks, our confession, and our requests, and in times of quiet we wait to hear what God wants to say to us
  • Bible teaching - the Bible is God's word to us, and we take time to read it and consider how it applies to our lives today
  • Response and prayer ministry - towards the end of our gathering we have space to respond to what God is saying to us. This can mean quiet thinking or personal prayer, or the opportunity to pray with one of our prayer team.

imageThe 4th Sunday of every month is quite different: we have a whole variety of different activities (crafts, games, prayer stations, study areas) to visit that help us explore a bible story or theme, before coming together for a shorter time of singing and teaching. 

At the end of all our gatherings, at around 5.15pm, we have an informal meal of finger-food together, and everyone is very welcome to stay and enjoy this with us.

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